DJ Swamp is back with a brand new song, the king of ghetto goth has struck back with a banger. Be on the look out for the 3D music video

 Cleveland is the place I grew up, so it will always be a part of my soul.

This just in!!!!
VInyl Disciple THE MOVIE
coming this summer 2013

That Jack The Rapper convention in 93 seemed like hip hop paradise!!


A lot of the big names in hip hop were virtually in their ground work stages. They were thrown together in one setting for networking and promoting with other artists, mangers and rec labels.. shit seemed live as fuck

True. I saw Wu, Poor Righteous teachers, Ultra magnetic, 2pac, Cypress, Treach everybody kicking it in that lobby. I saw Biggie’s first show ever at the Phoenix while at the 93 JTR convention. At least thats what he said on stage that night. Yo this is my first show ever we gotta do this right. Nas was supposed to perform that night too and all he had out at the time was the song Half TIme, and his cameos on Live at the bbq and Back to the grill again.